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Dr. 杆Flanigan has spent his entire career success完整的y building, 领导和指导行业组织, 教育, 和非营利组织. 作为第一代大学生, he spent his early college years going to school and working as a machinist at a small machine shop. The foundational skills and strong work ethic 学习ed in this environment served as the cornerstone of his professional career as he began as a Manufacturing Engineer at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) working on the Apache Attack Helicopter program. He later transitioned into the fluid power industry where he progressed through increasingly more responsible positions, including Vice President and General Manager of a fluid power distributor. Dr. Flanigan led his business unit through difficult economic conditions and became a top leader in the company, while also guiding and directing other corporate activities such as mergers and acquisitions. It was during this time he earned an MBA from the top ranked Executive MBA program at the University of Utah.

With his unique combination of entrepreneurial skills and proven business acumen, Dr. 2005年,Flanigan创办了自己的公司. Under 杆's leadership, the company grew quickly and soon became a well-respected power transmission consultant and distribution company in the entire intermountain region (UT, ID, CO, WY). During this same time 杆 began his journey through the doctoral process at Utah State University (USU). 同时管理他成长中的公司, taking doctoral classes, and teaching at USU, 杆 was also serving his community as a City Council member. 2011年,这家公司聘用了李博士. 被卖给了一个私人投资者.

在工业领域工作超过25年之后,Dr. Flanigan利用了他的行业经验, and passion to help others, to the classroom and became an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) in the Industrial Distribution program. He quickly advanced to become the Director of the program and using the relationship building skills he had 开发ed in industry began adding industry partners to the program, all of whom provided financial support for the program. 在博士. Flanigan's leadership the program added student scholarships, 建立了捐赠教师基金, and continued building laboratory resources through corporate donations. 在UNK, 杆 was a governing board member for the Power Transmission Distributors Association Foundation, 以及技术协会, 管理, 与应用工程(ATMAE), which is the accrediting body for many 2-year and 4-year technical programs in higher 教育. 2016年,博士. Flanigan被提升为副教授, and in 2017 he was awarded 完整的 tenure within the University of Nebraska system.

Continuing his passion for Career and Technical Education (CTE), Dr. Flanigan accepted the 从er to become Dean of 业务 and Technology (B & 2018年在科奇斯学院毕业. 作为B学院院长 & T, 他要为这个愿景负责, 方向, and leadership of a wide range of programs including, 焊接, 网络安全, 汽车, 业务, 烹饪, Building Trades programs, 还有很多其他的. 在科奇斯学院期间. Flanigan和他的团队已经建立了一些程序, 创建了新颖的可堆叠学位和证书, increased enrollment, 开发ed new assessment tools for prior 学习ing (PLA), and pioneered a new instructional modality at the institution.

In addition to his Ph.D. from Utah State University, and MBA from the University of Utah, Dr. Flanigan has a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, and an associate's degree from Kishwaukee College. 他和他的妻子都是运动爱好者, and the proud grandparents of five grandchildren (with one on the way). His greatest source of joy in life is watching his children and grandchildren grow, 学习, 开发, 找到自己的成功之路.

Dr. Flanigan was appointed to be the 10th President by the 北达科他 State Board of Higher Education on March 31, 2022. He 从icially began his presidential tenure on June 27, 2022.

President's Office Mission

The mission of the President’s Office is to provide the principled leadership to ensure that as a state agency NDSCS serves the state of 北达科他 by attracting, 教育, 培训, 发展中, graduating and placing individuals into the workforce through our career and technical programs, our transfer programs and our workforce 培训 division by consistently and reliably providing a safe, 清洁, 健康的, 绿色, 精通技术, 经济实惠的教育环境. 

This 从ice ensures that NDSCS sets and meets high expectations as set forth by department and college accreditation and governing agencies.

这个办公室保证了足智多谋, effectiveness and continuous quality improvement is occurring in all areas.

The President oversees the continuous responsive pursuit of academic excellence by fostering partnerships, remaining collaborative, focused and purposeful.

Employee Quality Standards

NDSCS拥有持续改进的文化. The following Quality Standards are part of that culture and guide us in the way we interact with each other and with our customers.

Employee Quality Standards

Presidential 历史



1 G伯爵. 伯奇 1903-1910
2 弗雷德·E. 史密斯 1910-1919
3 花环F. 砖 1919-1921
4 伯爵F. 莱利 1921-1954
5 G.W. 哈 1954-1966
6 克莱尔T. Blikre 1966-1987
7 杰瑞·奥尔森 1987-2000
8 沙龙Y. 哈特 2000-2006
9 约翰·里奇曼 2007-2021
10 杆Flanigan 2022年至今




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